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St. Patrick’s Cathedral

In light of everything that is going on right now, I find it a little hard to do travel posts and travel tips. But I feel like it is fitting to post about a cathedral since I always get a sense of hope when I think of places of worship. So for my blogs until this pandemic is behind us, I simply want to talk about the beauty of some of the places I’ve seen in the hopes of being able to travel freely again and see more beautiful places in the near future. Plus reminiscing is a bit of an escape for me and helps to keep me positive. Maybe it will be the same for you

The lone man walking down the street kind of personalizes this photo…

St. Patrick’s Cathedral was first founded in the late 12th century. Through its history, this cathedral has seen a lot of reformations and restorations, which I think speaks to the importance and resilience of this structure.

Around the 1600s, the cathedral was in fairly poor shape with the chapel in a stage of ruins, along with various flooding and roof collapse issues. Along with various structural transitions came some religious turmoil between Jacobites and Williamites where worship was switched back and forth between Catholic and Anglican.

In the early 19th century, the cathedral was once again in need of a major repair. Therefore, a substantial restoration was funded by none other than the owner of Guinness, Benjamin Guinness. However, in order to ensure that the structure doesn’t fall into further disrepair, it was designed in a Victorian style and lost much of its medieval roots. It was in the late 1800s that the park was constructed as well.

It has been the national cathedral to the Church of Ireland since the late 1800’s. Currently, there are several national events held at the Cathedral. A few former Presidents of Ireland’s funeral services were held at the cathedral as well.

The fact that so much care and concern has been placed to preserve this cathedral speaks to its importance in the national culture. Apart from its undeniable beauty, there is a sense of real history and community surrounding this cathedral. It was such a lovely visit. Hopefully, once things settle down with the pandemic, I will get to see this beautiful structure again

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