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Trinity College

I know that most people know Trinity College as the landmark that houses the Book of Kells. When you first walk up to the structure, you will see all the people in line to go see it

Not to diminish the beauty of the Book of Kells, but might I suggest you spend some time walking around Trinity College.

I think a lot of tourists actually think that Trinity College is not an actual College. It is actually one of the best Universities in Ireland and was originally established is 1592. It is also one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever walked.

I went to Purdue University so I’m familiar with a huge traditional University that has a very particular flair. I feel like because of that, I see Universities through a very specific lens. Trinity College is just one of those places that makes you feel history. It makes you feel like so many people have experienced life within these buildings.

The architecture is stunning. I don’t know how anyone can concentrate here. I would just keep looking around and go on walks. There’s also something about plants growing on building walls that makes me feel like a place has endured or that it’s here to stay!

There are also a smattering of the new among the old. It gives you a sense that life constantly moves and evolves.

So when you have an extra moment doing all the touristy things on your list, take a moment to walk through this college or maybe even take some time to sit and enjoy it’s beauty.

2 comments on “Trinity College

  1. Wow, I have never been there. Heard of it, but that is all. Thanks for the insights, doubt I will ever walk the campus or halls of Trinity. But that how it goes. Take care and see ya later. Enjoy


    • Hi there! Sorry didn’t respond to you comment sooner.. thanks for your comment… it was definitely those one of a kind trips.. I’m glad I got to bring a little slice of it to you.


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