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Glendalough Part 2: The Monastic Site Walks

There are several places where you can walk to see the grounds and the lake. We took the Green Walk because we didn’t have a whole lot of time. It took us shorter than a couple of hours, but it was seriously beautiful. Here are some things to think about as you’re doing this walk.

Wear comfortable shoes: it is very easy walk, but some of it are gravel/dirt roads so you wouldn’t want to wear anything that would make you lose your balance. Since the pavement is uneven, it is best to wear some type of flats.

Bring Layers of Clothing or a Swimsuit: We went around August. There were times where I felt warm from walking so it was nice to have layers so that I’m able to take outer layers off when I started to feel warm. You can also have a swimsuit underneath your clothing because there were many people swimming in the lake as part their walk. They even brought some sort of picnic. If we had more time, this could’ve been a great option.

Don’t rush through it: We took the Green Walk because we know it was a shorter distance and wanted to take our time to really take it in. It is a perfect afternoon stroll and you would want to enjoy all of its beauty.

The Glendalough Monastic site is pure beauty. I had such a great time walking around and taking in the site and sights. For more information about it, below is a good website:

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