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Why I Love Giant’s Causeway

I know what you’re thinking… Giant’s Causeway hits you with this massive Visitor Center as soon as you step off the Shuttle Bus. I was ready to see some natural wonder, but the first thing I see is this massive visitor center. There were all these people milling about.. all this paraphernalia to buy…By now you’re like.. “is this girl still talking about why she loves Giant’s Causeway?” Yes, I am. No matter your feelings about how commercialized this place is, I encourage you to look beyond the mall feel. Once you get up that ramp or those stairs and around the corner, it will still take your breath away.

Tips to Explore Giant’s Causeway

Wear Comfortable Clothing: There is a portion that is paved, as you can see, but there is a portion that is not paved. If you want to explore there, you want to wear something that has a little bit of grip. So ladies, don’t wear your fashionable cute flats to this one.

Bring Ample Water: So you see where I am. Right behind me, all those little dots are people. If you look even closer, there is a brownish red looking trail on the side of that hill. Well, if you like to explore and see a breathtaking view, you are going to go all the way to the end of that trail. So buy water at the visitor center (i guess having a visitor center is a positive thing at times)

Watch Your Step: You really need to pay attention. There is no substantial railing once you get on the trail. This one woman tried to come around someone, because they got impatient. She literally slipped and it was sheer luck that she didn’t fall down the hill. She was injured, of course and had to be carried down. So please, don’t be crazy!

Know Your Limitations: Heading back to the visitor center is not a bed of roses. You can come back the way you came, or for a “quicker”, yet more challenging way, is to go up a set of stairs on the side. Trust me when I say that it can be a bit challenging if you have knee problems or shortness of breath problems. Just think about it before you commit.

That being said, coming here was well worth the effort and the time. It is simply gorgeous and it was probably some of the best photographic places I have ever been. You can take beautiful scenery from many different vantage points.

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