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The Olde Castle Bar

This gem is located next to Donegal Castle in County Donegal. We wanted to try something fairly traditional and it looked like a great local place. When in Ireland, you just walk around and go in a restaurant that kind of speaks to you. At least, that’s how we like to do things.

The Ambiance

Its what you would expect a local Irish restaurant to be, in my opinion. Great bar area. A lot of rustic elements. Cozy and not pretentious. Friendly staff. You feel like you can stay there a while.

The Food


You haven’t truly had it until you’ve been to Ireland. Truly!!!!

Wild Wicklow Venison Pie

Venison is hard to get right, but in my opinion, they got it so right! Great flavor and tender. Just yummy!

Donegal Bay Seafood Pie

I’m a sucker for seafood, But put it in a pie with some cream sauce and I’m hooked. If you don’t do this dish right, the top portion could be gooey. Oh no! The champ and cheese was a perfect compliment.

Dessert of the Day

This switches from time to time, but what we had was chocolate heaven!

To know more about this establishment, click on the link Olde Castle Bar

It was such a pleasant place and we enjoyed our meal there thoroughly!

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