I could hardly contain my excitement looking at this dinner menu. This was suggested by our amazing concierge at the Fairmont Le Reine Elizabeth. It was the perfect place to go for dinner before catching Alegria (a Cirque du Soleil show).

I love the front facade of this building. It almost felt like we weren’t going into a restaurant. Very cool architecture!

The Ambiance

The restaurant is very cool and hip, typical of what you would see in a vibrant modern restaurant. It is slightly less casual. There were a lot of people dressed as if going to a nice dinner or special occasion. There were some people dressed as if they were going to a nice business dinner as well. The pace of service was very typical of what you would expect from a traditional European restaurant. So, to my fellow Americans, give yourselves at least a couple of hours. That was about enough time to really enjoy dinner. I also really loved being able to see the kitchen from the restaurant. I like seeing the vibrancy of a restaurant.

The Food

What can I say about the food. I’m speechless, because I think it is just that good. It is inventive, unique, and the flavors is a perfect blend of ingredients. It is simply, in my opinion, spectacular.

It’s not a meal unless you start with good bread. I think I said this before, but you can tell a lot about a restaurant through its bread (I’m being slightly facetious).

Here are some items that we ordered, all of which were just TREMENDOUS

Hamachi Crudo: This is my personal favorite

Wild Squid Ceviche

Seared Scallop

Quebec Lamb

I could try to attempt to explain some of these foods, but I’m not a professional foodie. I just like good food, and this is definitely that for me. If you would like to check out their website or get a reservation, click on the box below

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