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Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth, Montreal

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at the Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting. It is a fairly popular hotel and very well recommended. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a hotel with a more historic feel. I was surprised that it was more modern. But, that didn’t take away from its charm at all. The location is quite nice. It is very close to shopping and also not a long walk from Old Town.

The Common Areas:

There is a large waiting and reception area. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. You can find the concierge area in the same place as the reception. The design, as I’ve mentioned, is quite modern. Leather chairs, interesting decor, and unique lighting schemes. There’s a lot of mixture between natural elements and leather.

Places to Eat and Drink

There are a couple of places within the hotel where you can grab a good bite to eat and get some fantastic coffee. The place of note, I believe, is Artisans. It is basically a small size market. They have it all. Cheese bar, salads, macaroon dessert bar, ready made food to go, and specialty coffee. This little place is amazing. I believe it is worth having a quick breakfast or lunch. There are so many good choices that could satisfy any craving you might have (especially my macaroon craving). The only down side is that it doesn’t open early for the morning meetings and such. For that, you can go to Krema cafe, which is also located in the hotel. Note to self for the oblivious American, a macchiato doesn’t mean the same thing.

The Accomodations

The funky modern vibe carry through the halls and the hotel rooms as well. The rooms are very cozy and I believe there is ample space. The beds are really comfortable, and so are the pillows. I am big on comfy pillows and theirs is quite nice. It had all the basic amenities of your standard king room. Overall, very comfortable quarters.

If you would like to know more about the hotel or schedule a stay, go to the link below

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