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Have you tried Maize yet?

I love trying out new places to eat in Cincinnati, especially if it’s ethnic foods. For dinner recently, the hubby, some friends, and I tried out Maize. It is a trendy little restaurant serving a mixture of South American foods.

The Ambiance

As I mentioned it is a trendy quaint place with the subdued lighting and the funky bar. I think the atmosphere is a pretty casual with a funky edge. There is ample seating around the bar area if you want to simply hang out for happy hour. There is also ample seating towards to back for a more intimate setting. However, the only drawback is that, even the back area, is a bit loud. It was hard for us to hear each other. Maybe the acoustics could’ve been a bit better. But it is located in OTR after all, which is geared towards a more hangout feel, so maybe quietness wasn’t a focus. Overall, very fun ambiance.


We ordered a bunch of interesting things, so I’ll just go through them

Not sure if they still have this on the drink menu, but I ordered a delicious Caipirinha! Their mixed drink beverages are very tequila and rum based. But they have a full bar, so I’m sure you can find something to wet your whistle!

As an appetizer, I ended up getting the ceviche topped Tostones Rellenos. Tostones is a traditionally Puerto Rican dish made with fried plantain. You can top it with other things but I love Ceviche. It has a nice spicy kick. It is classic ceviche, which is a little tart. I love that!

This is the Rumba Cachapa. The stuffing is pork. Let’s face it, if you’re thinking south american, it is always about the pork for me. I loved the mixture of textures and flavors. The pork was delectable.

I don’t think that this is on the menu anymore, but it is mofongo topped with shredded pork. The flavor was good, but having been to Puerto Rico several times and Mofongo being the favorite thing I ordered while visiting there, I don’t know if this tastes as authentic as I would like. Don’t get me wrong, it is still delicious. But, if you want to know what traditional mofongo tastes like, I don’t know if this will give that to you .

Empanada is one of my favorite things to, particularly in beef. However, I am used to a traditional Mexican empanada. Although I like this, the dough isn’t quite what I’m used to. I like a crustier outside, with a smooth inside. This doesn’t seem as flaky and crusty an exterior for me. Once again, still delicious and still worth a try.

We ordered a couple of desserts, which is kind of your standard dessert. The flan was what I was most interested in. Once again, I’m used to a very traditional flan, which is more like a custard with a carmelized sugar base. You know, the kind that my momma makes that is softer, silkier, and has a good sugary sauce in the bottom. This tasted more like a cheese cake. It was worth the try, but not my personal favorite.

Overall, the food is very good! I will definitely go back to try the Arepas. I am just so happy that there is a place like this in Cincinnati that really tries to serve authentic South American food and doesn’t try to “Americanize” things too much.

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