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The Main Cup: Milford, OH

If you Cincinnati natives haven’t visited downtown Milford, well I think you absolutely need to….. immediately. Since the weather has turned Spring-like, it is perfect for a weekend morning coffee or possibly even brunch. If this sounds appealing to you, I know of a great place for you to visit; The Main Cup.

It’s a great place to sit and have a cup, read a book, hang out for a while, or just relax.

I made sure to check out the pastry case. My Dad and I love pastries, so I can never resist. I ended up getting a blueberry scone and coffee cake. They were both delectable!

I is also a great place to have brunch. I was just there recently and brunch was very good. I ended up having their version of an eggs benedict, except it was served with pork belly. To anyone that knows me, I never decline a pork belly. I ended up getting everything on the side to that I can exercise some portion control. In my opinion , it is such a great quaint place that people should check out.

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