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A Different Side of Miami

I have travelled to Miami several times. More often than not, people go to Miami and think “Party at South Beach” or “Art Deco Segway Tour” or “Let’s go shopping!” Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I love doing those things in Miami. However, during my last visit, I decided to venture out a little and not do the standard quintessential Miami stuff. Therefore, I decided to check out a couple of places.

Holocaust Memorial

Several survivors of the Holocaust that reside in the Miami area decided to start a Holocaust Memorial around Miami Beach. It is a very somber and serious place. I wanted to warn you that the pictures are very striking and certainly evokes a lot of emotion. However, I wanted to share some photos so that you can decide if it is a place that you can handle visiting. Personally, I have been to a couple of Holocaust Museums, and this Memorial is one of the key places in Miami that has created a lasting impression.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

The Museum and Gardens are located at Coconut Grove overlooking Key Biscayne. If you’re staying in South Beach, it is easy enough to get there via Uber. However, you can also get there via public transportation. I went there pretty early in the morning (this was in Spring) and it wasn’t extremely crowded. You are able to tour the home and the grounds. It took me about 3 hours to really feel like I got to see the home and the grounds thoroughly. I didn’t take pictures in the home just because I didn’t want to seem rude.

The home is European inspired. I believe in the video I may have said that it is a Spanish style home, but I’m not entirely sure. My favorite parts of touring this home is the gardens and the area overlooking Key Biscayne. However, the whole thing is quite stunning. Here is a short video of my favorite spots.

I suggest that you really walk through the entire gardens. There are a lot of different areas and to explore and enjoy. Also, take some time to soak in the view of Key Biscayne from the back of the home.

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