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The Fork and Pie: Newtown, OH Bakery

I am a huge fan of baked goods! I am always on the hunt for good bakeries where I live. One day, on my way home, I was so excited to see a new bakery on my regular route. The bakery is so cute that I had to go in and try it out. Plus, my family was coming in for the weekend, so it was an opportunity to get a bunch of goodies.

The Ambiance

It is so refreshing to see another food establishment come to Newtown. This bakery is cozy, inviting, and oh so welcoming. There is something so inviting when you see pies on cooling racks and bread on the shelves

The Food

They certainly have a variety of sweet and savory choices

My family are huge foodies. They’ll try anything. My father is particularly fond of muffins and pies. I am big on any thing sweet. So I decided to get a box of goodies for everyone.

Would you like to know what is in the box?

So we ended up getting a couple of chocolate chip cookies, a chocolate brownie, a gluten free mini apple pie, a ham and cheese hand pie, and a sausage and egg hand pie. I also got a blueberry muffin, which I decided to eat while I was making my way home. So my favorite from this lovely bunch? The lucky winner is the ham and cheese hand pie. But, in all honestly, I tried all of these and every single one of them is good. You’ll just have to come visit them to try it out.

Their address is 6838 Main Street Newtown, OH 45244

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