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Why I Love Butchart Gardens

I have always been a big fan of gardens, but I think that Butchart Gardens are one of my favorites! It believe that it is completely worth your while to spend some time really observing and soaking in this magical place.

During the time we went, it wasn’t extremely crowded, we didn’t get there particularly super early either. I felt like the process of getting is to the gardens was very efficient (I hate lines or at least inefficiencies) so it was a nice plus.

Instead of me talking so much about it, I think the pictures would speak more than words.

There were so many sections to just meander and enjoy. They have a Japanese inspired garden section, places where you can sit and have coffee, and breathtaking courtyards.

You can also enjoy scheduled entertainment at the amphitheater. I was the first time that my parents watched a folk/bluegrass show before, so it was kind of special

Don’t forget to take some time to visit the cove.

I can’t even express how gorgeous I think this place truly is. Click on the button to get more information if you decide to go on a visit.

2 comments on “Why I Love Butchart Gardens

  1. Beautiful garden indeed. Thanks for introducing me to it. Lovely pics too.


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