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Parliament Buildings: Historical gem at Victoria BC

As soon as you come off the ferry and walk down the street at downtown Victoria, one of the fist things you see are the Parliament Buildings.

Impressive looking.. Right? Well, it is just as impressive up close. My suggestions is the you buy some food and sit out on the lawn and just enjoy the scenery. This is not just a museum of some sort. It really is where they hold government business, which in my mind makes it even more fascinating.

They do hold public tours, which I suggest that you do. You’ll get a firsthand look at a bit of the history and what is being accomplished at this space. The nice thing is that the guided tours can be free. Also, they have varying times for Spring and Winter so make sure that you check. Below is some information.

Don’t miss out on a visit to this place if you’re ever in that area. It’s kind of hard to miss.

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