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Craigdarroch Castle: Victoria BC

A castle in Victoria, BC? Yes, absolutely. It was originally built as a residence that houses 39 rooms for a coal barron who, unfortunately, never actually saw it completed.

As you meander through the rooms, there are many informational descriptions so you get a good sense of the home. There are artifacts as well that gives you the gist of the historical significance. As expansive as this place was, you certainly feel like it was lived in. It doesn’t feel too much like a historical site.

Just a quick tip: there are a lot of stairs and a lot of climbing up involved, so if you’re challenged in that area, you might want to really consider that fact. However, if you’re not challenged, you can go up into one of the turret towers, which is kind of cool.

It doesn’t take a very long time to go through so you can take your time. Overall, it was very fascinating and I am glad that I went. There were a few things that I appreciated about this tour:

  • The amazing detail of the woodwork, the walls, the finishings
  • The stained glass windows (In my opinion, it is worth really soaking it in
  • The way that it has been recreated to truly show the historical feel of the home, as if you were looking at how it was at the time it was lived in

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