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2 Days in Victoria/Vancouver Island: Things to think about and places to visit.

One of the positive things about living in Seattle is the ease in which you can go visit surrounding islands. One such island is Vancouver Island, of which the capital is Victoria, BC. If you’re ever in the Vancouver area or Seattle area, it is worth just taking a ferry and visiting for a couple of days. This is what I did when I visited my parents. My parents used to live in Lacey, Washington which is an area about an hour south of Seattle.

Here are some tips when you go visit Vancouver Island from Seattle:

Take the ferry from the closest possible location. Like I said, we were in Lacey, WA. We took the ferry from Port Angeles. When we checked, the site we were looking at (which is not the one below) said 3.5 hours. But, it actually turned out to be a little more than 5. Yaycks! Just make sure you check and double check! There is also a winter and a spring schedule. They do differ so make sure you choose the right one. Below is the ferry schedule .

The pleasant surprise is that Port Angeles was super quaint and I really loved walking around there and trying out the local eats with my family. You don’t necessarily have to eat before you board. They ferry itself has some choices for food and drink. Personally, I love the ferry. It is really beautiful and extremely convenient. You just drive in with your car, go to the seating areas, take in the view, and then relax!

The ferry dropped us off at Downtown Victoria. One of the first things you see is a big map! That’s it.. Just kidding… You see the parliament building. I suggest walk around. There is such interesting architecture. There are also food truck areas. I love eating at food trucks!

Places to see if you only have 2 days

When you go to Victoria for 2 days, don’t try to fit too much in. Places that are worth seeing, in my opinion, should be enjoyed slowly. Really take it in, because there’s a lot of history and beauty to these places. We had time to see these 3 beautiful places. My husband and my Dad also had time to play golf, I had to time to shop, and we had time to eat out. So if you plan correctly, you can still enjoy a lot of activities, even while taking your time.

  • The Parliament Buildings: To read more, click on the button below:
  • Butchart Gardens: to read more, click on the button below:
  • Craigdarroch Castle:To read more, click on the button below:

Getting back to Seattle

I don’t know if there’s a real strategy to the Vancouver Island Ferry station close to downtown. We did give ourselves quite some time to get there. It is better to get a good spot for your car and just wait. You generally have to have one person stay with your car if you wanted to walk around while you’re waiting.

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