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Tips for Visitng Fenway Park

  • If you’re coming from any kind of distance away from the actual park, take the train. The stop is right in front of the park. It’s easier to get around that way. Just follow the massive crowd after you get out of the train station, you won’t get lost. Here is a link the train schedules: ​
  • Pack light. Trust me, there’s plenty to entertain (and of course eat) once you’re there. Notice the guys in yellow; they bring you everything from pizza, popcorn, beer (I mean good beer), all beef franks. All these goodies come straight to your seat (except ice cream, but you can get that at the concession stands)
  • ​There are plenty of volunteers around to tell you where to go. So don’t panic. If you can’t find your way, you’re in good hands
  • Someone say shopping? There are actually a lot of great deals there for different paraphernalia. But, if you want to invest in a good shirt/sweatshirt, go to red sox nation and look for a 47 Brand Shirt. Super Soft! Otherwise, lots to choose from and see all around the park.
  • Enjoy the experience. The fans are so energizing. I think it’s what makes the experience worth it. The seats felt smaller than normal, I thought, but it makes you feel like, as Ben says in Fever Pitch, your “summer family”. The highlight of the game was, of course, Big Papi making the winning home run during the 11th inning. The eruption from the crowd was brilliant!

I don’t even consider myself a huge baseball fan, but a game at Fenway is a must do! Below are some links of things to just do in and around the park, and also about the Red Sox

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