I am not normally a “chain restaurant” type of person. I usually like to try the off the beaten path local little places. But, we were in the Disney area in Orlando without a car, so the local options are a bit sparse. The hubby was hungry for some steak and this was recommended by the concierge. So, I figured, why not? Let me tell you, it was really good! I don’t know why I am always surprised about how good some chain restaurants are, but this one is up there in my book.

The Ambiance

I would describe the restaurant as having a swanky night club vibe. You know, the trendy lights, the dark interior, and modern lines. I am not saying that it’s a bad thing, but slightly different that what I would expect for your standard American fine dining. I felt more like I was in Miami than Orlando. By the way, the Margarita I had was DELICIOUS!

They even had a DJ booth, which kind of adds to the whole vibe as well. Actually, he was playing a lot of 90s R&B, which totally speaks my language

The service, I think, was impeccable. We had a really tremendous waiter. His name is Shaun. He was so much fun, too!

The Food

These are some items we ordered off the menu that I thoroughly enjoyed

Heirloom Tomato and Burrata: It think this is burrata salad heaven. I like the combination of flavors, especially when the tomatoes taste really fresh.

Grilled Octopus: I am a huge fan of octopus! I mean a huge fan only if it is done correctly. I have definitely had bad octopus before. It is my personal option that this was done EXTREMELY well! My favorite from the menu

Lobster Mac and Cheese: I am obsessed. I think it has the perfect cheesiness, saltiness, gooeyness, and did I mention, the CHUNKS of Lobster. It is, I believe, probably the most lobster filled mac and cheese I have ever encountered thus far. My other favorite from the menu.

The Steak: It is hard for me to be impressed with steaks since it is so good here where I live (Cincinnati, OH). This, in my opinion, actually comes close which is decent in my book

The restaurant is located in Disney Springs. Below is a link for more information:

I am Joy Josephs. I have been an avid amateur photographer for about 5 years. My passions in life are traveling and fashion. So I started a couple of blogs that help me feed my creative side, while hopefully providing some fun tips and insight about fashion and travel. It is also a way for me to personally fulfill my passion for photography as well.

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