A couple of weeks ago, my husband went to Orlando for a conference. Naturally, I came along with him. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria in Orlando. It is about 8 minutes away from Disney Springs, so the location is great if you’re there to visit the parks. Also, it is part of the larger Hilton Resorts, so you have the benefit of having both the Waldorf Astoria and the Hilton access. 

My husband and I both use American Express, and this hotel (at the time that we booked) was also part of the Fine Hotels and Restaurants. We were able to get extra points plus perks during our stay. 

Overall, it was such a tremendous experience. Below are some photos I took of the hotel.

The Common Areas

The Restaurants

The Grounds

I am Joy Josephs. I have been an avid amateur photographer for about 5 years. My passions in life are traveling and fashion. So I started a couple of blogs that help me feed my creative side, while hopefully providing some fun tips and insight about fashion and travel. It is also a way for me to personally fulfill my passion for photography as well.

2 comments on “Waldorf Astoria Orlando

  1. Such a lovely hotel. I love the huge pool! I will definitely check this out the next time we visit Orlando. Thanks for sharing the photos and video:)


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