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The Hotel: The K-Club Ireland

If you haven’t made it to this property, you’re missing out. To those that have visited Ireland before, I suggest that you stay here for, at least, a couple of days. It is such a wonderful stay. For this blog post, I am just focusing on the hotel itself. I will be talking about the food and the gardens in later blog posts. 

The Hotel Room

Before I head into writing about our hotel room, I have to make a shout out to American Express Platinum. We have had this card for several years now. One of the best features of this card is their Fine Hotels List and their Hotel Collection List. We called Amex for all of our travel plans and it was the best experience. The K-Club Ireland is one of the Fine Hotels. Because of that, you do get some perks. One of the perks is a room upgrade IF it is available upon checkin. Lucky for us, there was a room upgrade available when we arrived, and just like that, we were put into the Presidential Suite!

To say this room is massive is an understatement. I just love the historic decor and charm of these living quarters. There are french doors to the bedroom so I’m watching TV in the living room and the husband is still sleeping, I can close the doors to keep things quiet for him. I just think that it’s so beautiful. We also have a view of one of the gardens from our room. ​

Hotel Common Areas

There are so many different areas where yo can sit and relax on the property. They have several different living room type areas, several sitting rooms, a tea room and then some. Walking the halls is tremendous. It’s gorgeous like being in a museum, but cozy enough to be your home. ​

To know more about the history of The K-Club Ireland, there is a link below

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