La Sagrada Familia is probably the most iconic structures designed by Antoni Gaudi. It has been under construction for about 100 years. The obvious beauty of this cathedral can be seen from afar. This photo was taken from the Park Guell, also another Gaudi designed landmark

The Details

The beauty is also in the details. The one thing I appreciated about all the Gaudi structures is the thought put in to every piece within such  a grand structure. 

The Old and The New

One of the challenges of having a structure that is continually being built for a hundred years is how to seamlessly marry the old and the new. There is a cohesiveness in the structure that, I think, preserves Gaudi’s vision and legacy. 

To describe this landmark as awe inspiring is an understatement. The attention to detail, the stunning stain glass, the unique architecture, and the grandiose feeling you get when you first walk up the steps is something that I will always remember.

I am Joy Josephs. I have been an avid amateur photographer for about 5 years. My passions in life are traveling and fashion. So I started a couple of blogs that help me feed my creative side, while hopefully providing some fun tips and insight about fashion and travel. It is also a way for me to personally fulfill my passion for photography as well.

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